Card Condition Guide

Near Mint (NM)

Near Mint cards

Near Mint condition cards show minimal or no wear from play or handling and will have an unmarked surface, crisp corners, and otherwise pristine edges outside of minimal handling. Near Mint condition cards appear "fresh out of the pack," with edges and surfaces virtually free from all flaws.

Excellent (EX)

Excellent cards

Excellent condition cards can have slight border or corner wear, or possibly minor scratches. No major defects are present, and there are less than 4 total flaws on the card. Excellent condition foils may have slight fading or indications of wear on the card face.

Good (GD)

Good cards

Good condition cards have moderate wear, or flaws apparent to the naked eye. Good condition cards can show moderate border wear, mild corner wear, water damage, scratches , creases or fading, light dirt buildup, or any combination of these defects.

Light Played (LP)

Lightly Played cards

Light Played condition cards exhibit signs of heavy wear. Light Played condition cards may include cards that have significant creasing, folding, severe water damage, heavy whitening, heavy border wear, and/or tearing.

Played (PL) / Poor (P)

Played and Poor cards

Played condition cards show obvious tears, bends, or creases that could make the card illegal for tournament play, even when sleeved. Played condition cards have massive border wear, possible writing or major inking (ex. white-bordered cards with black-markered front borders), massive corner wear, prevalent scratching, folds, creases or tears. Poor condition cards will always be illegal for tournament play.